Launch Freebies

When the project launches NFTs will be given away for free for a limited time.

10 sold

The wallet of a randomly selected BaseBird owner will be sent an Ultra-rare BaseBirds mascot NFT.

100 Sold

5 owners wallets selected at random to receive ultra-rare pop-culture inspired BaseBird NFT.

250 sold

Owners entered into a Prize draw to get an original CelDivision pencil sketch.

500 sold

Owners entered into a prize draw to get an original ink artworks original by CelDivision.

1000 sold

First draft of the BaseBird world series with Teams.

2500 sold

BaseBird limited edition prints of ultra-rare NFT sent to randomly selected winners.

5000 sold

Owners of first 500 BaseBird NFT entered into prize draw for hand-painted custom skateboard by CelDivision.

10000 sold

Development begins on live broadcast of Fantasy League games featuring BaseBirds.